Know Your Numbers – Change Your Life

Numbers Matter

At Desert Home Premier, we know that the highest achieving real estate agents treat their businesses like businesses.  What do we mean by that?

As a business owner, knowing your numbers can change your life.  We call it the Language of Real Estate. Here are a few examples of numbers you will want to track in your business…

  • How many leads do you receive each month?

  • How many appointments do you need to go on each month?

  • What is the number of escrows needed each month to reach your annual goals?

  • What is your average sale amount?

  • What is the average commission that you earn per transaction?

  • What is your fallthrough ratio?

  • How many buyer closings will you have?

  • How many seller closings will you have?

  • What is your GCI (Gross Commission Income) earned before any splits with your brokerage?

  • What is your true net profit earned after expenses are paid?

Desert Home Premier was founded to help break the cycle of failure in our industry. 80%+ of all new agents will not make the first 18 months which is just crazy! Want to know how to jump-start your real estate career? Already licensed but just not getting traction?

We can help, check out the website and call us for a private consultation!